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Parts of truck equipment

Writer:LOYO GroupNumber of visits: Date:2018-09-25

Different types of trucks are widely used for commercial purposes like construction and transport. These trucks are built using different parts and each part serves a specific purpose in the operation of a truck. Some of the important truck equipment are:


Chassis is the internal framework that supports the truck. Chassis contains an assembly of all the essential parts of a truck like an engine, transmission, and suspension for the operation of the truck.


A cab is an enclosed space in the truck where the driver sits. Cab contains the operating controls, seats, and radio in the truck. Trucks can have different types of the cab like:

1. Cab-Over Engine

In cab-over engine, the cab is placed above the front axle and engine. Most of the trucks used in Europe and North America have a cab-over engine. The short wheelbase of a cab-over engine provides an additional turning capability due to a tight turning radius.

2. Conventional Cabs

The cab is behind the engine in trucks that use conventional cabs. Conventional cabs are streamlined, with a sloped hood and other features to lower the drag.

3. Cab Beside Engine

Trucks with cab beside engine are mostly used inside shipping yards. These trucks are also used for carrying pipes, metal rods, flat iron, and other construction materials.


Trucks usually work on diesel engines and gasoline engines. Heavier trucks use four-stroke diesel engines with a turbocharger and an intercooler. Diesel engines are common for trucks ranging from class 3 to 8 GVWs. Large off-highway trucks have locomotive engines. Some trucks in also use CNG powered engines for low fuel costs and low carbon emissions.


The drivetrain system includes the transmission, the driveshaft, the axles, and the wheels. The main function of a drivetrain is to transfer power from the engine to the drive wheels using the transmission to control the torque. The components inside a drivetrain are driveshaft, u-joints, CV joints, axle shafts, and the differential.


The frame of a truck has two parallel boxed or C shaped rails or beams that are held together by cross-members. The rails of a frame consist of a tall vertical section and two shorter horizontal flanges. The holes in the rails are used for mounting truck components and running wires and hoses, and measuring or adjusting the orientation of the rails at the factory or repair shop.


Other parts of a truck include the braking systems, clutch, the suspension, etc. Some trucks have specific parts for certain types of trucks like tanks for tanker trucks, dumps for different types of dump trucks etc. Before you plan to buy or rent a truck, make sure you are aware of different part of truck equipment so that it helps you know which truck is ideal for your needs.

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