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Venezuelan financial delegation to visit China National Heavy Duty Truck

Number of visits: Date:2017-02-03

Recently, officers of the China Development Bank (CDB) accompanied a delegation of Venezuelan financial bank to visit China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC). Mr. Yang Zhengxu, General Manager of CNHTC Import Export Corporation, and Mr. Hou Yongjun, General Representative of CNHTC Asia, admitted the delegation and accompanied them to visit.

The delegation visited China National Heavy Duty Truck Museum, production workshop, exhibition car and so on. They had a further understand for CNHTC from the development history, product line, production process, brand and corporate cultureDuring the visit, Yang Zhengxu gave a detailed introduction to the development of China National Heavy Duty Truck and the main products, and invited guests to experience the car. Ms. Vanessa, Executive Vice President of the Economic and Social Development Bank of Venezuela, spoke highly of Sinotruk's scale and product technology, and fully affirmed for CNHTC's strict quality control.

   During the visit, Ms. Vanessa affirmed the cooperation between CNHTC and Venezuela, and expressed their sincere gratitude to CNHTC for its contribution to the development of Venezuela's automobile industry. At the same time, through this visit, the delegation saw the future development of China's heavy truck prospects, and also strengthened the confidence of cooperation with China National Heavy Duty Truck.

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