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SINOTRUK Service always online

Number of visits: Date:2017-10-27

The market quantity of Sinotruk in Nigeria increasing year by year, now you can the Sinotruk vehicles in everywhere of Africa road.

With the market became bigger and bigger in Nigeria, the after service also become more and more important. Only by letting the customers know better and use better the Sinotruk products, the Sinotruk can be more popular in Nigeria. Recently years, tyhe CNG vehicles are becoming popular in Nigeria. The customers has very good feedback for the CNG vehicles due to its comfort and economic

fuel consumption. 

     “Sinotruk Crossing the World”The Sinotruk overseas service team is becoming stronger. Nigeria market is one the most important market in Africa, more and more service people are devoting on this land, this will make Sinotruk become stronger in Nigeria market in the future.


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