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  "Lightweight" is the hot word in recent years, light body is consistent with the customer's truck demand is the trend of development of truck, especially since the "921" New Deal after the lightweight and more sought after by customers . Dangerous goods transport vehicles can not fall behind, they start working on it, we take a look at a balloon hanging heavy truck HOWO tank how to do weight only 10 tons of weight actually reached 22 tons!



  SINOTRUK HOWO T5G 8x4 flat top cargo truck chassis with a slender tank, the vehicle has a sense of beauty. A large number of aluminum alloy material to effectively reduce the weight, not only meet the requirements of the current body lightweight, but also meet the user's truck needs, but also effective response to new road transport policy.
Chassis adopt MC07 340 horsepower engine, heavy truck 10 block gearbox, 3.7 speed than single-stage slowdown after the bridge, this configuration fully meet the transport needs of the car. Chassis-driven wheel disc brakes to ensure the braking performance, the application of three bow plate both to reduce the weight and improve the driving comfort; rear axle air bag suspension application effectively filter the ground bumps, improve the tank to transport the oil level Stable, but also in the New Deal carry  one  more ton.
  This Sinotruk HOWO T5G specially designed for gasoline transport modification.tank, guardrail, toolbox, rear collision beam made by aluminum alloy material, both to ensure body strength and effectively reduce their weight, but also greatly enhance the fuel economy. Although the maximum speed of dangerous goods carriers is only 80km / h, but the application of 340 horsepower to ensure the efficiency of vehicle driving. And since the "New Deal" after the aluminum alloy has become a lot of users and the new darling of car prices, the choice of automotive materials are also advancing with the times.

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