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Lianxun extra truck

Founded on September 16, 2001, Linqing city Lianxun extra truck technology  Co., Ltd., a modern production and manufacture enterprise, is restructured from the original Linqing Heavy-duty Truck Refitting factory and is mainly engaged in the production of special trucks. Main products of the company include dump trucks, trailers, vans, military vehicles etc., with five main series and more than 200 varieties. The company has a total capital of RMB 0.33 billion, a floor area of 300 mu and more than 2,080 staff including 160 engineers and technicians, 12 staff with senior professional title and 45 engineers. The company has an engineering center for special trucks of Shandong Province, which is devoted to the research and development of various trucks. It also is equipped with advanced production line of special trucks, including 50 sets of high-tech equipment and 20 sets of casting, forging, welding, assembling and numerous control production lines, realizing an annual productivity of 12,000 various special trucks.

 The company is always devoted to brand construction of “Lianxun” and makes constant improvement in product quality and after-sales service. Under the service philosophy of “Take Customer Satisfaction as the Highest Standard” and through common efforts of all staff, “Xunli” trademark has became “Shandong Famous Trademark” and central-parting dump truck was awarded “Shandong Famous-brand Product”. For three years successively, various leading products of the company occupy more than 3% market share of China, ranking as top-ten in domestic special truck industry. Products such as dump trucks and trailers are exported to Russia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, America and so on and dozens of trade partners and foreign authorized after-sales service networks are established, which accelerate the internationalization process of the company. The company takes the lead in passing certification of ISO9000 Quality Management System and certification of 3C and is world famous by right of its high-tech, high-performance and high-quality products and first-rate service. It is awarded “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Top 10 Independent Innovation Branded Enterprises in Shandong Mechanical Industry”, “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program”, etc.

 The company boasts its strong research & development capacity and has more than 160 professional technicians. It has a modern “Provincial Engineering Research Center for Special Trucks” and domestically first-rate research & development laboratory for special trucks, and has built long-term technological cooperative relations with universities such as Wuhan University of Science and Technology and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. The bulk powder material transportation robot commonly developed by Wuhan University of Science and Technology and the company has been applied for National Torch Plan. The combination among production, studying and research accelerates technical research & development of new products of the company and improves the brand competence of the company.

 The company boasts its excellent enterprise management team, rich experience in management of special truck enterprise and clear strategy in enterprise development. It always shoulders the responsibility of “Promoting the Special Truck Market of China and Turning Xunli Truck into the Best Special Truck”. Since restructuring of the company, its management team has made deep research on the characteristic and demand of special truck market at home and abroad, and has manufactured products good for sale together with all staff of the company. The company has been awarded “Top 100 Mechanical Enterprises of Shandong Province”, contributing to the prosperity of the special truck market of China.


 The company emphasizes the construction of enterprise culture in the new age, builds a learning type team and forges a staff team with strong market awareness, professional technology, excellent management and indomitable fighting spirit, laying favorable foundation for various basic management works of the company.

 In order to achieve the grand goal of the company, the company has formulated “the twelfth five-year plan”, in which the total output value of the company will reach RMB 4 billion till 2015, the annual sales volume of various special trucks will reach 25,000 sets, the investment in technical upgrading will reach RMB 0.35 billion, the average staff wage will be better than provincial average level, the production environmental is harmonious and eco-friendly, and the total production and sales volume and the production value of leading special trucks will be the first in the province and top-three in China.






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